Bremer Vulkan AG was founded 1893 in Vegesack-a suburb of the city of Bremen–by a group of investors and Bremen merchants and by overtaking the 1805 founded Johann Lange Shipyard. Two years later the Bremer Vulkan bought the Bremer Schiffbaugesellschaft – former H. F. Ulrichs Shipyard which launched the first ship in 1839 – including all its modern shipbuilding facilities. The first director of the Bremer Vulkan became the engineer Victor Nawatzki (1855–1940).

In the following years the Bremer Vulkan increased rapidly. By 1908 it covered an area of about 80 acres (32 ha) and a water frontage of 1,500 metres (4,900 ft). Six slips equipped with modern electric travelling cranes were capable of building the largest vessels of that time. With an average annual delivery of about 40000 BRT it became the greatest civilian shipbuilding company in the German Empire, followed by Flensburger Schiffbaubetriebe in Flensburg, Joh. C. Tecklenborg in Bremerhaven and Vulcan Stettin in Stettin. The number of co-workers had increased from about 60 at the beginning up to about 3,300 in 1912.

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New Project


She is intended to be a pleasure yacht, offering adventure and stress free enjoyment to the lucky few. The cruising area is envisioned to be worldwide regions, The ship should be very self-sufficient to operate in remote areas without port facilities. Systems need to be as simple and reliable as possible with good redundancy.

Several large shell doors P + S cut into the ship’s hull. Two tender garage doors, top hinged to permit launch & recovery of tenders. Balcony doors in the health spa, bottom hinged shell doors that open to create a balcony, two low level shell doors for tender embarkation. Bow shape, curved stem, noticeable chine which in addition to more innovative appearance has some advantages – longer waterline length, lower resistance, lower power requirement, lower acceleration in rough sea, which allows increased comfort & speed in a seaway and the chine reduced spray .


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